Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was thinking that maybe it's time to get a mascot? You know, for events and such. So I decided to check on Google Images to see if there was something good already out there under a search for "sunny head." Well, I got over 200 hits — for real! I've edited them down and present the best ones here for your review — let's have a vote and decide if any of them seem like a worthy new mascot.

great dog

fuzzy face


big sheep

historic woman



thinking person

disc head

demon guy


smiling dude




Anonymous said...

I vote for big sheep. Whenever big sheep is an option, I always vote for it.

christine said...

You call that list edited down? Well, put me down for the padded head. Could be my prior employment experience at the group home influencing me, but I think it's the best choice.

marva gladstone said...

With 15% of districts reporting:
big sheep 1
padded head 1

hp said...

I vote for the Electric Bath Duck (not in your list). Has a sunny head, and can create one if you know what I mean.



marva gladstone said...

Wow, a write-in candidate! Electric bath duck. I looked up that electric bath duck and it's worth considering, depending on blog mood.
big sheep 1
padded head 1
electric bath duck 1

ana dane said...

i vote for nails, but combined with fuzzy face. like paint the burro's nails (hooves?) in that fetching magenta color. your blog will be even more unforgettable than it is now.

also, i don't know if that's a historical "woman." you may want to do some research on that one.

what did we all do before revlon?