Wednesday, May 14, 2008

exciting new products

So we've put together some prototypes of merchandise we're considering selling and would love any feedback on which you think might be winners. Thanks!



tote bag

throw pillow

nail tips

bowling ball

toilet seat



men's briefs


Bonbon Oiseau said...

I'll take 'em. I particularly like the toilet seat. And the bowling hell, yeah...I'll take 'em all.

marva gladstone said...

Excellent, bonbon, you can pay me in horse earrings.

Lily said...

You might want to come down to the store where I work. I could come up with some good patterns to go with your fabulous design. Most people compare shopping with us as being as relaxing as a yoga class or as friendly as a steaming cup of kona gold with an old pal. The store is Blinds to Go, on Rt 4 West in Totowa NJ. Did I mention we make custom made blinds in under 5 seconds? Just ask for me.

Anonymous said...

what about the "i love my blog" custom-printed toilet paper? did that one not make it out of the shitter?