Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I think this blog is eco-friendly. I was thinking about it -- about how the blog fits into the whole gas crisis and everything-else crisis -- and I think I just wanted to assure myself that, in fact, the blog is eco-friendly, and therefore good. So then I was thinking, Well how exactly does one qualify that? How do I define "eco-friendly"? And I really didn't know, so I looked it up on the Internet -- "define eco-friendly" -- and I got the creepiest blog hit! Check it out:

Nanotechnology should define eco-friendly principles.

Man. Well, I still think this blog is eco-friendly, maybe more so even. But I do think, like that dude, that we need to define nature friendliness in the [blog] before it goes into mass production. It's difficult to make changes after anything goes public at large scale. It's unstoppable. You can't change [blogs] after once you produce them.
Right on, blogging brother!


christine said...

Of course you can change blogs after you create them. That's why they have "edit post". I don't think that man knows what he's talking about.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

your blog is eco-friendly, especially when i'm not driving while reading it.

raymore said...

After reading your post I got all creeped abt about my carbon credits and all so I decided that maybe all this blog reading is killing penguin babies or something. So I think I am gonna need to sell my laptop and start getting my packet fixes elsehow. I figure whenever I see someone with a laptop out and about I can hit them up to take a look at your blog, kind of like I looking over someone's shoulder on the subway at their newspaper. Not such a stretch? We will be swimming in oxygen in no time for sure.

On another note, anyone want to buy an iBook? Its the purple one with the handle. Has some stickers and missing a key or two but it runs Netscape a dream.
PM me....