Wednesday, May 07, 2008

her heady nuns

I'm always mixing up acronym with anagram. I almost did yesterday, but then caught myself.

I think the only anagram of blog is glob. (Unless you count log b -- like, "Enter that data into log B.") But glob is a pretty good one anyway. I just got this sudden panic that maybe glob isn't even an actual word, but I looked it up and it is. "glob: 1. A small drop: GLOBULE. 2. A rounded, usu. large mass or lump [a glob of sticky dough]" It's weird how it means a small thing in one case and a large thing in the other. Get it straight! Anyway, I prefer definition 1 and in honor of it am going to pretend that blog is actually a shortened version of blogule.


ana dane said...

i'd just like to be the first to congratulate you on the proper spelling of "weird." you've come so far since 2005.

halspuppet said...

Would you count bog l? Like "I just jackknifed my airboat in Bog L on a mess of crocodile netting. Aww shucks!" Not sure about this one.

marva gladstone said...

1. Thank you, ana, we are proud of our spelling acheivements.

2. Yes, bog l should definitely have been included! Thank you, halspuppet!