Wednesday, June 11, 2008

it's the blog, stupid.

So I was having a little trouble remembering what is so great about having a blog. I know, I know...but it happens. Anyway, I searched on the INTERNET for other bloggers' takes on "the best thing about having a blog," for inspiration. Here's what they said:

Hi Olivier, Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. This is actually the best thing about having a blog. Thanks also for the compliment about our technology.
That is all very sweet and makes me proud to be a blogger.

Having a blog has been a whole new experience. The best thing about having a blog is being able to interact with people around the world and being able to see how the work that they do differs from ours.
Interesting. Maybe too interesting.

The best thing about having a blog is all the brilliant people who read it.
That may be. I think (s)he may be on to something.

You know, the BEST thing about having a blog is that NOBODY even reads it! Do you know what kind of freedom that brings to Yours Truly?
Hmmm.... that may be too. I think Yours Truly may be on to something too.

You want to know the secret best thing about having a blog? Throwing your Lord Julius cap into the ring for another scinitllating installment of Bahlactus.
Huh?? Huh??

Jason - Indeed, that’s the best thing about having a blog. Whenever anything bad happens you are pleased because now you have something to write about.
Somehow that one doesn't quite work here. And it sounds kind of jerky.

How good it feels to write this into the void. How maybe that's what's the best thing about having a blog. I can write down my thoughts and share it with some people, people who don't know me, or know the situation. Who don't have a lot of opinions of who I am, and what I should be. Do not know the history or the people. I feel lighter. I think maybe I can refrain from calling him up and telling him that he makes it nearly impossible to be friends with because he can be so unlovable. He can be so brash and blunt. He has no softness that one can fall into.

The best thing about having a blog is seeing all the strange ways people find your site.
Really? That's the best thing??

You know the best thing about having a Blog? it makes me realise how damn Senile I've become.
At first I thought "Senile" was some nationality I didn't know about or something.

The best thing about having a blog is that you have the capability to pursue tangents, thoughts, courses of logic, etc. to their fullest. However, a striking dichotomy exists in the blogosphere, wherein many individuals may follow this tendency, for a while, but ultimately, most fall off into mindless IM and email habits of short, stringy, half-answers. Impatience rules the day, and far less communication takes place than is necessary in order to properly debate or extrapolate on a given topic.
The best thing about having a blog is being able to tell this person to: shut up!! Shut up!!!

Best thing about having a blog...well 2..
anyone can have one.
You can talk all the shit you want!
So yeah... shit talk time it is son!

Right on brotha! I think he's got it right on.


christine the intern said...

I can't believe nobody wrote that the best thing about having a blog is the amount of work one can avoid doing while at an office job. Which is also the best reason to read a blog.

marva gladstone said...

I think everyone's too worried about getting fired to write that.

christine said...

It's funny that we ourselves never seem to worry about getting fired...

marva gladstone said...

Luckily, people like having us around.

Scott Stapp said...

In those few hours a day in which there is no happy hour going on and I am actually awake and there are no re-runs of Small Wonder on I often post to one of my many blogs.

You probably read some or all of them:

Well you get the picture. I get all the inspiration I need from above. Needless to say that was what I was saying when I wrote these eternally awesome lyrics when I was in Creed:

There are moments in a journey
Where I wonder where you are
And sometimes I forget
That you live inside my heart
It's there I hear you whisper
I've been hear all along
And I'm in the hands of mercy where I belong
A silent conversation
When you speak to me (you speak to me)
Is the sweetest inspiration
And all I ever need (yeah,yeah)


Every single day
of my life I live
Every little thing that I have to give
Lord I freely give it
Lord I freely give it
Every thing I have to give......
Lord I freely give it up! (yeah)
(Lord I freely give it)


You see head, its all in the Lord and its free. Even the drinks are free sometimes (between 4 and 9). Gotta go now.