Thursday, June 19, 2008

30 Best Blog Songs of All Time

Which is your favorite? Which have I egregiously overlooked? Let's have an unruly, heated comments debate!

30. Blog Me Amadeus – Falco

29. O-Blog-Di, O-Blog-Da — The Beatles

28. I’d Do Anything for My Blog (But I Won’t Do That) -- Meatloaf

27. We Didn’t Start the Blog — Bill Joel

26. She Blogs — Ricky Martin

25. Blog Eye Joe — Rednex

24. Sometimes When We Blog — Dan Hill

23. Rico Blogé — Gerardo

22. Greatest Blog of All — Whitney Houston

21. Let Her Blog — Hootie and the Blowfish

20. I Am Blog (Hear Me Blog) — Helen Reddy

19. Blogging on the Ceiling — Lionel Richie

18. Broken Blogs — Mr. Mister

17. Blogomo — The Beach Boys

16. I’m Too Sexy for My Blog — Right Said Fred

15. Blog Blog Baby — Vanilla Ice

14. Popoblogo — Kevin Federline

13. A Blog with No Name — America

12. Blog in Red — Chris DeBurgh

11. My Blog Will Go On — Céline Dion

10. Escape (The Blog Colada Song) — Rupert Holmes

9. (Everything I Blog) I Blog It for You — Bryan Adams

8. I Write the Blog(s) — Barry Manilow

7. I Am... I Blog — Neil Diamond

6. Oh! Susanna (Oh Don't You Blog for Me) — Stephen Foster

5. I Will Always Blog You — Whitney Houston

4. You Light Up My Blog — Debbie Boone

3. The Blog Is Mine — Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

2. Your Blog Is a Wonderland — John Mayer

1. We Built This Blog — Starship


ana dane said...

Blog It- Michael Jackson

ana dane said...

I've Got a Blog - The Method

halspuppet said...

Maybe some mo'

31. Take This Blog And Shove It - Johnny Paycheck

32. Talk Bloggy To Me - Poison

33. The Star-Spangled Blogger - Francis Scott Key

34. Our Blogs Are Sealed - The Go Gos

35. Whole Lotta Blog - Led Zeppelin

christine said...

Why is there no Dan Fogelberg on this list? What the hell kind of fan are you, anyway?

Turn in your Fogelberg Fan Club pin.

marva gladstone said...

All brilliant suggestions. But there are limits! There have to be limits!

ana dane said...

who's dan fogelberg?

Dan Fogleblog said...

The Leader of the Blog?

christine said...

Peeing myself over "Dan Fogelblog"!!

Anonymous said...

36. Total Eclipse of the Blog - Bonnie Tyler
37. Welcome to the Blogger - Guns 'n' Roses
38. Everybody Wants to Rule the Blogosphere - Tears for Fears
39. Blog in an Elevator - Aerosmith
40. Girls Just Wanna Have Blog - Cyndi Lauper


41. Wake Me Up (Before You Blog) - Wham!

Teep said...

Don't Blog My Heart - UB40
which btw you can download here (and I highly recommend it)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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