Tuesday, August 02, 2005

tomorrow is today's yesterday's today

Now that the excitement is starting to die down over the latest achievements, it seems like a good time to look forward and think about what should be accomplished in the coming days. I think brainstorming is the way to go, so here y'are, raw and unmarinated, in no particular order:

theme song (perhaps a contest? not sure i can let go of that much control, but worth considering)

redesign (perhaps a bit of sparkle)

merchandising (duh)

style guide (tedious but necessary for full legitimacy)

press page (inevitable)

There's so much to do, but one thing at a time, as they say, and away you go. Remember: Dreams are not born from idle birds. Slow and steady keeps the boat from rocking the cat's canary. Rome wasn't built of fool's money but sticks and stones. Patience makes little pitchers half full.

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