Wednesday, August 03, 2005

for sale

I'm thinking an important thing to start with, in terms of merchandising the blog, is getting one of those colored rubber wrist band jobs that are all the rage now. People really seem to go for those!I'm not sure if it's a requirement of having those produced that you have some kind of charitable affiliation. Hopefully not. The obvious question, then, becomes, what color? Yellow is taken, of course, by that french bike guy. I don't know what the other colors are about, but it seems like they're pretty much all claimed by one sad case or another. Jesus. If I could invent a new color, I would. I'd call it "blog," and have those wristbands made in it.

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Anonymous said...

you know, that's a great idea! i think it's great when people can connect by doing the same exact thing as everyone else. count me in. i'll be the first one wearing a 'blog'-colored Blog Band!